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The "Fiera Campionaria" (trade fair) comes back from August 24 to 30

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From Aug. 24 to 30 (5 p.m. / 12 p.m. - Free entry) the 31st edition of the Senigallia Trade Fair will be organized in Senigallia, in the parking lot of the Bianchelli Stadium.

The fair has been conceived and organized also this year by the Ancona Territorial CNA, with the patronage of the City of Senigallia and the support of the single Chamber of Commerce of Marche and the Uni.Co confidi. The Campionaria brings to the city and to the entire region a not-to-be-missed event.

After a history lasting more than three decades, the Campionaria comes back after the long stop due to the Covid-19. The fair is a long-awaited return to a normal routine that offers an opportunity for the participants to exhibit the best of what they can offer without distractions or other security restrictions.

An important exhibition for Marche region
With an exhibition space of 3000 square metres, out of which 650 square metres are dedicated to the pavilion with stands and 900 square metres to the individual gazebos of exhibitors of excellence, the fair aims to satisfy people interested in a variety of product sectors, such as construction and plant engineering, with important brands of fixtures of flooring, and all the novelties concerning sectors such as air conditioners and the ever-innovative home automation, which has now become part of the lives of so many people, furniture and design, without neglecting the wellness sector - with leading brands in the field of cosmetics and services dedicated to health.

Exhibitors for all services
Brands not specifically related to the construction industry, such as various car retailers, leading brands of gardening, stationery, toys and the new e-mobility sector, not to mention exhibits dedicated to fashion, design, gifts and made in Italy, will also find a place at the trade fair.

The bare area dedicated to entertainment
Just like every year, a large area is devoted to wine and food, agribusiness and culinary exhibits, with frequent gathering spaces in the dedicated 1450 square meters, where you can spend time between visiting one stand and another, being able to taste the flavors of our lands and experience an afternoon or evening with friends.

Expo+, the new way of showing things off
This edition sees the launch of a new type of entertainment event: the Expoevent. Every participating company will be able to set up a customized event to do branding, to introduce their projects and company vision, so as to prepare performances, conferences, contests, or shows: anything that can offer visitors valuable content and that is interesting.

A throwback to the origins
The Campionaria 2023's renewed advertising campaign was centered on a return to the origins of the Fair, which began as an exhibition of Marche and national companies from various commodity sectors, not just food sectors. This year the decision was to eliminate the famous image of the "Bombolone", which had turned from a secondary attraction into the main symbol of the Campionaria.
A courageous choice that aims to let the Fair become again a benchmark in the Marche region in the B2B market and an event that can attract more and more exhibitors in the coming years.

Why come to the Trade Fair?
The event is extremely easy to access, being located just a short walk from the city center, it is served by plenty of parking, and it is carefully set up in a way that is immersive and designed to be appealing to all age groups.
A variety of learning, listening and meeting opportunities will be presented for visitors to discover and taste experiences that are always new and never mundane.

Let's look at the numbers
Senigallia's tourism environment is thriving, with an estimated 800,000 visitors in the Marche region of which 50,000 during the Fair days.
Senigallia is the number one city in terms of tourist visits in the Marche region, a special context where it is a must to make oneself known and raise the visibility of one's brand.
The Senigallia Trade Fair, Aug. 24-30, from 5 p.m. to midnight in the Bianchelli Stadium parking lot. Free admission.
For more information about the event and to follow the day-by-day initiatives,

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