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Buona pizzeria opens in the town center of Senigallia

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The lighter, the better: this is the motto of Buona, the pizzeria that has inaugurated its new location in the prestigious square Piazza Simoncelli on July 7.

"The secret of the lightness, that is, the digestibility of our pizza, is all in the dough," the pizza maker Stefano Sestito explains, “a long leavening dough with stone-ground organic flour, 100% from the Marche region.”

That was in 2022 when Stefano, after a long-term experience "behind the scenes" in successful pizzerias, decided to open his own restaurant in via Capanna; a small place that quickly became known and soon became too "narrow" to accommodate more and more customers and to express its full potential.

From that moment on, Stefano decided to collaborate with other friends, moving to the very central Piazza Simoncelli and giving life to "Buona," a place where you can now taste slices of pizza and pizza plates and where you can have lunch, dinner, where you can stop for an appetizer or spend a quiet evening, sipping organic wines, craft beers or surprising cocktails.

A sophisticated and welcoming environment, conceived by Architect Valentina Trombini, which elegantly fits into the historic setting of the building and manifests all its "green" soul thanks to the presence of a real tree inside the room.

Quality and sustainability are the key words: no frozen foods or industrial preparations and great attention to ingredients, such as mozzarella, strictly from Colfiorito, or organic flour from the Marche region. Buona's is a crispy, peel-style pizza. You can choose between the classic pizza or the XL multigusto. The XL multiguston is a choice to be considered if you want to taste the tasty items on the menu, which, in addition to traditional toppings, also offers original choices in winter, such as pizza with cod or rabbit.

The new Buona was also designed with the heart, with attention to environmental impact: zero-kilometer ingredients are preferred and, not surprisingly, Wami water was chosen, a brand that is committed to donate 1€ to water projects in third world countries, for every bottle sold.

Inclusiveness and openness to all types of customers, including our four-legged friends: at Buona's they are always welcome and they will also find a bowl to quench their thirst.

So Stefano and his partners are waiting for you in their brand new place, which is expected to become an obligatory stop during walks downtown, at lunchtime, dinnertime, for aperitifs or until late at night. Then again, always a BUONA (good) idea!

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