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Musica Nuova Festival: an appointment with "Nuovi Fasti"

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On Wednesday, July 19, in the Archaeological Area "La Fenice" at 9:15 p.m., the event "Senigallia Sotterranea", which is organized by the Municipality of Senigallia and the Department of Culture, will host the Ancient and Contemporary Music Association with the fourth appointment of "MUSICA NUOVA FESTIVAL" XXXII Edition 2023, with a show based on the combination and interaction between music, word, dance and archaeological remains, entitled "Roman Fasti."

It is a performance with original stage music, composed specifically for the show. What's more, it is made up of several musical parts that alternate and mix with acting and musical parts.

All characters and situations will be underlined and accompanied by musical lite-motifs using simple and immediate writing and effects aimed at reproducing the ancient sound patterns of the civilization of ancient Rome.

The play will be performed by using instruments such as the flute, horn, harp, trumpet, ancient instruments, percussion and voices that will lead the audience into the world of ancient Rome. With its seduction and the enchantment of its beauty, Rome has reached us along with the unspoiled charm of its artifacts in the archaeological area "La Fenice".

The texts are taken from the writings of Catullus, Ovid, Varro and Martial, and the performance is set in ancient Rome, bringing out the life, customs of the Roman people and lords, as well as the traits of illustrious characters. Making the choreography fascinating, there will be the participation of dancer Giulia Malaspina, who will enhance the content of the texts and musical sounds.

The readings will be handled by Alessio Messersì and Mauro Pierfederici, the music will be performed by Elena Solai for the flute, Piercarlo Fontemagi for the trumpet and the ancient instruments, Luca Delpriori for the horn, Letizia Cerasa for the harp, Giacomo Sebastianelli for percussion, the voices of the St. John the Baptist Choir, directed by Maestro Roberta Silvestrini.

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