Netoip rewards the best dissertations about Epicurus during Epicurean Festival at the Rotonda

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The operator Netoip in Marche region is offering two prizes for the best dissertation on Epicurus. The first prize is €1,500; the second prize is €500.

The international jury for the prize is headed by Professor Roberto Radice of the Catholic University of Milan and includes eminent scholars from the universities of Rome, Trent, Cologne, and Providence (Rhode Island).

Coordination of the prize has been carried out by the Cultural Association the World of Epicurus, which every year organizes the Epicurean Festival in Senigallia during which, as is now tradition, the prizes are awarded.

Dissertations can be submitted by December 31, 2023, and they will be awarded during the 2024 Epicurean Festival.

The call for applications is available here.

While waiting for the awards ceremony that will take place during the 2024 Epicurean Festival, here is the program for the 2023 Festival.

Raimondo Cubeddu of the University of Pisa will open the Festival with a talk entitled: Epicureanism in Modern Political Philosophy.

Federico Giulio Corsi of Sapienza University and Jurgen Hammertaed of the University of Cologne will discuss an unpublished translation of Enoanda's maxims. A philosophical breviary: the sentences in the Epicurean inscription of Diogenes of Oinoanda is the title of their talk.

Paola Palmieri of Liceo Medi in Senigallia, who has just been awarded with the National Philosophy Prize "The Figures of Thought" will discuss the topic of Happiness as eudaimonia or autarky? Philosophical Practices and Self-Care.

Vittorio Robiati Bendaud of the University of Lugano will conclude the afternoon. Happiness as Duty to God. A comparison between classical Epicureanism and the Talmudic tradition.

In the evening at 9 p.m., in Rotonda a Mare the protagonists will be the Epicurean philosopher Gianluca Esposito and the Bishop of Senigallia Franco Manenti who will dialogue on the theme: Epicurus and Jesus? A Comparison on Happiness.

Admission is free and free in the afternoon and evening.

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