Senigallia, the City of Photography: the Paolo Ventura exhibition will soon open to public

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From 22 June to 31 October Senigallia, the City of Photography will host an exhibition by Paolo Ventura, a site-specific project created by the artist inspired by the city in the Marche region, from which it takes its title, and exhibited here for the first time.

About thirty works to discover the poetics of Ventura, a photographer and artist who has been analyzing and studying the urban landscapes on which he has been building his original dreamlike and timeless images for over twenty years.

The works on cities and their landscapes are one of the strands addressed by Paolo Ventura's research and poetics, landscapes that are unrecognizable if not at times for haggard details, architectures and buildings that are isolated from the context and which serve as a background for his imaginative reconstructions, recreating what could be ideal italian views, yet without characterization the feel familiar and that could be found in any city. It is not the reality that already exists that interests the artist, but the infinite
possibility of being able to create and tell what does not exist.

Also, in the past, Ventura's research focused on individual cities, as in the series dedicated to Milan which began in 2021 and is still ongoing, and it is in this vein that he fits this new work set in Senigallia. to hire interest for him is not the canonical beauty of the places that uniforms the city views, but rather their contradictions such as the overlapping of styles and eras that often produce an architectural hiatus.

Thus, we find exhibitions such as buildings from the 60s that mix with others from the 70s, hotels on the seafront juxtaposed with fishermen's houses, to chicken coops. The eye lingers on the stratifications of the landscape without any desire to denounce, but rather with the desire to learn more about the context in order to be able to use it and thus modifying and giving life to new places that acquire an additional value and vision, almost metaphysical and out of time.

Paolo Ventura's modus operandi starts from photography on which he then intervenes with acrylic paint, working by subtraction: starting from the real data recorded by the photographic shot, he creates a scenography that is artificial but at the same time fascinating and timeless.

Paolo Ventura
22 June – 31 October 2023
Duke's Palace, Senigallia
Info and reservations
T. 366 – 679.79.42
[email protected]
Electronic ticket office


Wednesday to Sunday from 5pm to 11pm
from July 5th
from Wednesday to Sunday from 18 to 24


Full admission €. 8.00 – citizens over the age of 25; facilitated entry €. 4.00 – citizens of the European Union between the ages of 18 and 25 and state school teachers with permanent contracts; reduced admission €. 6.00 – members of FAI, Touring, Coop Alleanza 3.0, Archeoclub d'Italia, Pro Loco, CNA, AVIS Senigallia, Associazione Albanostra - Cassa Mutua G. Leopardi, and holders of the entrance ticket to the Rocca Roveresca or to the State Archaeological Museum of Arcevia, special card for BCC Fano members, tourists guests of the hotels in Senigallia with special recognition; free for all citizens belonging to the European Union, under the age of 18 and for those enrolled at the Free University for Adults of Senigallia.

By showing the entrance ticket to the Rocca Roveresca in Senigallia you will be entitled to a reduced ticket for the exhibition.
Combined tickets are available with the other exhibitions present.

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