A whole different "Story": from the lesson with Professor Paola Polverari in the archaeological area of the Fenice, to the discovery of the ancient toy

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On Thursday the 25th of May, the students of the Middle School for adults (1st level) and of the A2 level Italian course for foreigners of the CPIA of Senigallia, were able to immerse themselves for an afternoon in the Roman era that they knew and studied during the current school year.

They were taken back in time by the words of Professor Polverari, who illustrated the Roman origins of the city of Senigallia with an engaging and detailed story, but at the same time, tailored to the linguistic knowledge of the students. The itinerary started from the discovery of the historical finds during the foundation works of the "La Fenice" Theater in Senigallia and continued with a guided walk in the daily life of the 3rd century AD.

Among the places of the ancient inhabitants of the Sena Romana. In the 19th century, the students' journey then moved to the red armchairs of the small theater of the Museum of Ancient Toys housed in the prestigious Palazzo Monti Malvezzi in Via Pisacane. The students were welcomed by the director of the museum, Elena Turchi, who retraced with them the stages of the history of the toy, from the 18th century to the contemporary, enclosed in the 23 showcases of the museum.

Living exploratory experiences is certainly the most motivating method for students to acquire historical knowledge that offers knowledge and tools useful for understanding and interpreting the present and becoming more aware active citizens. For the students of the CPIA, almost all of whom are non-EU citizens, these experiences take on a double value as the contents acquired also become the key to real and complete integration.

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