"Notte dei Musei" 2023: here's the resume of events and activities

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Huge success for the Night of the Museums of Senigallia, thanks to a rich program for a day of music, art and culture.

The Night of the Museums program was enriched with new appointments, the most beautiful places in Senigallia were open to the public with guided tours, unique exhibitions and musical performances. At 10:30am in Palazzetto Baviera the 5ASA class of the Scientific High School of Applied Sciences “E. Medi” of Senigallia, ranked second in the national robotics olympics, exhibited its “medi4art” project. The project concerned a new way of living and observing the stuccoes of the famous Senigallia building through interaction with artificial intelligence. At 5pm in the "Carlo Emanuele Bugatti" room at Visionaria, Aldo Grassini, director of the Omero State Tactile Museum, told the public about Michelangelo Pistoletto's Recycled Italy, through a reflection that moves between experience and sustainability.

A free guided tour by Cecilia Carlorosi, Superintendent for the provinces of Ancona, Pesaro and Urbino and Federica Grilli, local archaeologist, was held at the Archaeological Area and La Fenice Museum at 9pm; a perfect opportunity to discover the ancient wonders of the Roman city told by experts in the sector. There were also numerous guided tours in which you could participate:

  • at Palazzo del Duca, at 10pm, the exhibition of Mario Giacomelli and his Park;
  • at Palazzetto Baviera at 6pm, the appointment with Marina Mancini and Anna Ambrosini Massari;
  • at Palazzo Mastai - Casa Pio IX at 9:15pm and 10:15pm;
  • at Visionaria at 4pm with Stefano Schiavoni the AMBIENTI exhibition
  • at the Rocca Roveresca at 9pm with “Sea, rivers, shells: the Rocca and its water resources” and “Who is afraid of its reflection? A day with Charles Baudelaire”, the latter two at a cost of 1 euro each.

The musical performances in the city were organized by the Bettino Padovano music school. Each location was the stage for a specific musical genre: at Palazzetto Baviera brought pop, at Palazzo del Duca hosted jazz, at the Archaeological Area and Museo la Fenice there were jazz/bossa nova performances, and finally at the Rocca Roveresca, at 8:30pm and 9:45pm, a double appointment with classical music took place.

Staying on the musical theme, the “Ballads of storytellers and traditional songs” took place at the "Sergio Anselmi" Mezzadria History Museum at 6pm, with Gabriele Carbonari on guitar and voice and Donato Mori on accordion.

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