Leandro Sperduti returns to Senigallia for "Il Salotto" on May 16

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Leandro Sperduti's last conference for "Il Salotto" will be held on Tuesday 16 May before the cultural association's summer break. The meeting will take place as usual at the San Rocco Auditorium, but this time at 6:00pm.

Leandro Sperduti will talk about the marvels of Rome's hydraulic engineering. The professor's report on ancient Roman aqueducts, titled “The Triumph of Water” will be of great interest. Water pipes are undoubtedly some of the most distinctive and spectacular features of Roman antiquity. For almost eight centuries the ancient aqueducts crossed the regions of the Empire with their thousands of arches, accompanying the spread of civilization and thought in Rome everywhere.

As always, the conference is free to enter and the public is invited to participate. In addition, "Il Salotto" association wants to inform everyone that, starting in the autumn, it will organize a new cycle of cultural meetings curated by Leandro Sperduti: “The Mediterranean – bridge and barrier between peoples and cultures”. Therefore, we invite interested parties to take our member card, if they have not already done so. And we thank those with the card for their support of our association and our commitment.

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