Fosforo: "TikTok Talk: the project that unites young people, craftsmanship and integration through social media"

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Local artisans and refugees are often the protagonists of extraordinary stories of work and life, but their stories are often little known and little told. An innovative project, developed in Senigallia, seeks to change this, offering young people the opportunity to learn through an intercultural, artistic and digital experience.

In fact, the final part of the “TikTok Talk” project is kicking off, funded by the Marche Region-Youth Policies and by the Department for Youth Policies and the Universal Civil Service as part of the “Facciamo pARTE” call, with the Next Cultural Association as the lead partner, which aims to create digital, multimedia and communicative skills among young people aged between 14 and 19, aiming to open an intergenerational and intercultural dialogue in five cities of three provinces of the Marche region. The schools involved were: IIS Corinaldesi Padovano of Senigallia, IIS Laeng Meucci of Osimo, ITCG Antinori of Camerino, IIS Polo 3 of Fano and the Marconi scientific and musical high school of Pesaro. The young participants went to discover local craftsmanship, coming into contact with the best professional craftsmen in the area.

TikTok Talk also involved the Caritas Senigallia Foundation, offering the opportunity to get to know some refugees and their integration journey. In the classroom lessons, male and female students also had the opportunity to deal with the problem of technological addictions, an issue on which it is really important to continue to raise awareness, dialoguing with the Di.Te association to understand how to use smartphones correctly. Starting tomorrow, the first videos co-designed by the boys will be published on the Fosforo social profiles (@fosforoscienza) after meetings with four artisans and a refugee.

The intent of TikTok Talk is to make kids the real protagonists of the communication campaign, generating a second important impact through the thousands of views of their videos. The project will culminate on Saturday 27 May in Piazza Roma in Senigallia at 17, during the thirteenth edition of “Fosforo: The science festival” scheduled from 25 to 28 May. The final event will also be an opportunity to network on lived experience, celebrate intercultural and digital learning and meet other young national digital creators.

TikTok Talk: Mauro Puccitelli:

TikTok Talk: Javad Mohammadi:

TikTok Talk: Silvano Ludolini:

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