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Corinaldo: three days of dance with "Passaggi Radici Comunità"

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For World Dance Day 29 April 2023, the "GDO, Gruppo Danza Oggi" - member of the International Dance Council and UNESCO official partner - returned with a three-day relay of dance in one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, Corinaldo, in the Marche region.

From 28 to 30 April - with a preview on 25 April on the occasion of the historic "Festa dei Folli" - GDO brought a series of dancing events to the open-air stage of the Marche municipality and to the stage of the historic Goldoni Theatre as a continuation of the project that started in 2022 from Expo Dubai, which had the goal to inhabit squares, streets, theatres and municipal halls with performances and events. After the 'virtual journey' of Corinaldo made during EXPO Dubai 2020 in the "Week of the Marche: Land of Excellence" thanks to the "Beauty in the Beauty" project of the Gruppo Danza Oggi, the focus returned to the community and the beauty of its territory to celebrate World Dance Day 2023 with the presence of the GDO/UDA Companies, Mandala Dance Company and Naturalis Labor, the artists Maria Olga Palliani&Nicola Migliorati and the theatrical incursions conceived by Alessandro Moscatelli and Patrizia Salvatori, who managed to connect emotions and communities with music, dance and poetry.

Corinaldo, with its façades, stairways, the Goldoni Theatre and the Council Chamber of the Municipality, have been transformed into an exceptional stage with the complicity of artists, teachers, companies and dancers who were, together with the community, children, young people, amateurs and the public, the protagonists involved in a live event danced in the open air.

The artistic director Patrizia Salvatori described the event as “an engaging experience that combines the beauty of the historical and ancient places of Corinaldo, starting from the Walls which indicate alleys, squares, stairs, to the landscape, and nourishes the soul, generating emotions thanks to the language of dance which more than any other other art celebrates the body in the suggestions that its expressiveness gives”. Audiences and communities of all ages, enthusiasts, students and amateurs were able to immerse themselves in many creativity and expressive modalities, and appreciate this special moment that made people feel emotions and rediscover the marvel of the creative experience. Now it's only a matter of time for the Urban Dance Festival, which will exceptionally take place in July this year.

The event started on April 28 at 7:30pm with the opening on the façade of the Ma Hotel. The images of "Beauty in the Beauty" project, the immersive film in which dance unites towns and excellences of products and craftsmanship, in the project presented by Gruppo Danza Oggi at DUBAI EXPO 2020 were projected on the building and accompanied the presentation of the event by Alessandro Moscatelli and Patrizia Salvatori. The screening also took place at the Gabbiano Cinema in Senigallia, where the dance performer Nicola Migliorati preceded the film "Cuban Dancer" by Roberto Solinas, released on April 29, 2021 and scheduled in the art house precisely to turn the spotlight on dance.

During April 29, in occasion of World Dance Day, the event moved to Largo X Agosto at 4:30pm, with the performance of Beatrice Guerri and "Gruppo Nuovo Spazio Studio Danza Jesi", accompanied by the Artists of the "Banda Città di Corinaldo" in a shared performance with the artist Nicola Migliorati. Just an hour later, at 5:30pm, the show of the Proskating Group directed by Debora Formica followed, which was accompanied by the interesting "Compagnia Naturalis Labor", while at 6:30pm Arianna Fratesi and "Gruppo My Dance" took the stage together with the innovative GDO/UDA Company, following the rythm of dance and drum rolls, thanks to the help of the Historical Group "Corinaldo Combusta Revixi". World Dance Day then closed at the Goldoni Theater at 9:15 pm, with the performance concert by the Banda Città di Corinaldo in a chorus that sees all the dancers involved as protagonists, with the use of different styles: from classical to contemporary dance, up to to arrive at the urban overwhelming.

The 3-day relay ended with a training day on April 30, at the Goldoni Theatre, followed by the performance by Mandala Dance Company. After the interactive contemporary dance workshop, at 11:30am, in the Palazzo del Comune of Corinaldo, a performative meeting moderated by Alessandro Moscatelli with the classes of dance students from the area took place. The lessons were led by teachers Arianna Fratesi, Giada Baldini, Beatrice Guerri on the theme of dance as a universal language capable of uniting and integrating even communities of different languages. Finally, the closing speech by Patrizia Salvatori officially ended the event.

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