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The Muses and the arts at "Liceo Classico G.Perticari": a school year of commitment and results

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In Greek mythology, the muse Terpsichore, patron goddess of dance was called Terpsichore, delighted herself and gave pleasure thanks to the art of orchestral movement and choreography to the rhythm of music, which she produced herself by plucking the strings of the lyre. In her name (terpo, "I rejoice") the delight, the pleasure, the enjoyment in seeing the harmonious movements and in unison of choirs of girls and boys. 

This was exactly the same emotional transport we experienced as spectators of the original and colorful choreography of the ballet group of the students of the “Liceo Classico G. Perticari”, protagonists of the recent edition of the ”Olimpiadi della Danza", which were held in Bologna on Sunday 16 April. Under the skilful direction of Alessia Verdini and with the coordination of Maria Cristina Mazzaferri, the girls of Liceo Perticari conquered a well-deserved first place away in a wide competition, which saw the participation of about thirty high schools in Italy. Authentic and contagious was the joy for the result coming from patient exercises and tests within the School's Dance Laboratory, which is an example of the stimulating expansion of the training offer.

The spectators, both in presence and from home, were led into the dreamlike atmosphere of the fairy tale with a happy ending, which makes the puppeteer and the puppets protagonists of the metaphor of redemption from the constraint and awe of the lack of free will and the ability to self-determination: an awareness, a backlash that overturns the homogenization and schematism of actions in a breath of freedom and recovery of one's individuality. Or maybe the black puppeteer with the black threads that imprison his victims are the gloomy fears that grip each of us and from which everyone can finally find redemption?

In any way you read it, the choreography of the Liceo Perticari leads the viewer for a few moments into a poetic aura, which combines the technique and skill of the dancers with moments of lyrical imagination and confident optimism in human resources. The excellent result achieved at the Olimpiadi della Danza crowns a school year of passion and commitment on the part of the students, which led them to try their hand at regional and national tests, in the various disciplinary fields, as proof of the uniqueness of the culture and the enchancing potential method of the acquisition and reprocessing.

In the “Campionati di Filosofia”, after the institute phase (about 50 participants), of which four qualified for the regional phase held on Thursday 16 March (Pierfrancesco Luzietti 5B Liceo Classico, Giammarco Bruschi 5C Liceo Classico, Luca Sbrollini 4B Liceo Classico and Maddalena Toderi 5B Human Sciences), Pierfrancesco Luzietti qualified for the national phase held on Thursday 12 April.

In the regional phase of the “Olimpiadi delle Civiltà Classiche”, held on Thursday 30 March, Tommaso Spinaci (class 5C Liceo Classico) for the Greek Language section and Alice Piobbici (class 5A Liceo Classico) for the section will access the national phase, scheduled for Thursday 4 May. Greek-Latin language and civilization. There were also various translation tests in which Perticari students participated, from the ‘Certamen Piccolo Taciteum’ to the ‘Certamen Latinus Ludus’ to the Regional Test of the Certification of the Latin Language (levels A1-A2 and B1-B2) now in its third edition thanks to the support and organization of the Regional School Office.

Brilliant results in the field of mathematics,too. In the International Championships of Mathematical Games (accredited by the then MIUR as a Program for the Enhancement of Excellence), from the Quarter Finals on 4 March (18 participants, of which 4 qualified for the Semifinals: Maria Rossi 5AL, Carlo Olivetti 5AL, Marta Frulla 1AL , Marco Alwaysviva 4AL, Andrea Ciarimboli 4BL), we reached the Semifinals (Regional Phase 18 March, Villa Caprile, Pesaro, qualified for the national finals Marta Frulla 1AL and Carlo Olivetti 5AL) to reach the National Finals (Marta Frulla 1AL will participate) on May 13 at the Bocconi University in Milan.

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