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Corinaldo, Festa dei Folli 2023: music, shows and attractions

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Less than a month to the Festa dei Folli, the most colorful spring festival that will animate Corinaldo from 22 to 25 April. The schedule is now ready and we can't wait for it to come to life, so here are the artists who will populate the historic center of Corinaldo in this edition.

Let's start with the music. The following will play on the stage of Piazzale Gioco del Pallone: Korona Queen Tribute Band, La Mala Maionchi, Io e i Gomma Gommas and Mannacustico Mannarino Tribute. The nights of the Festa dei Folli will be enlivened by Marica La C's DJ sets together with Demis Tarsi, Morru and Genyo Drop.

The historic center will instead be filled by the traveling music of the Gli Sbandati Street Band, the Banda di Corinaldo and by the performances of flag-wavers, musicians and archers of the Combusta Revixi Historical Group, together with "Tanto di Cappello", a review of various street artists in the afternoons of the party. Simone Romanò will be with us with the Hop Hop show, Kalù with Banana Juice, Andrea Farnetani and Valeria Di Felice with Gustavo la vita, L'abile Teatro with Mago per Svago, Rufino Clown with Franco Barile and Alessandro Vallin with Palombaro Walk Act.

It doesn't end here, in this edition's program we wanted to include new attractions for the Festa dei Folli: the Carousel with pedals, a ride for children operated by a sui generis carousel, and a street playground where you can rediscover the pleasure of playing together (for adults and children) with wooden games and crazy costumes. That's all? Absolutely not! The Festa dei Folli is not just music and entertainment. In the coming days, we will tell you about the many initiatives and activities to take part in during the party.

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