Eleni Avdoulou wins the award NetoIP 2021 with a thesis about the Papyri of Herculaneum

6' di lettura 15/07/2021 - The award for the best thesis about Epicuro becomes more and more international. The edition 2021 was won by a Greek student who presented a thesis in German on the Papyri of Herculaneum, kept in Naples.

Eleni Avdoulou has worked on her third book about Filodemo sulla retorica, retrieving from the fragments of the charred papyri a part of the previously unpublished text and offering new interpretations for much of the already known text. In this way, she has returned to humanity a text with important comparisons between Stoic thought and Epicurean thought.

“We were happy with the high level of all the thesis submitted” the professor Roberto Radice, who is the president of the jury, said. “Jury duty was very rewarding”.

The winning thesis will be awarded by a representative of NetoIP, during the event “Infinity, the pleasure of Epicurus, the third epicurean festival”, organized by the online newspaper Vivere Senigallia from 20 to 24 July 2021 in Recanati, Corinaldo and Senigallia. The winners, in addition to the prize of 1500 euro, will be given a Netoip phone sim.

“We are proud to participate in this initiative” explains Marco Giovannelli, president of ANSO, National Association of Online Press, “because it is a local newspaper that manages to meet and support the world of culture, business and communication”.

“This award is increasingly international, as it was a universal thought of Epicuro”, explains Michele Pinto, president of the Culture association “The world of Epicuro” and director of Vivere Senigallia.

“A thought that can speak to all people and consciences, as Epicurus himself reminds us with this sentence: Friendship travels all over the world dancing, launching to us all the appeal to awaken and say to each other: Be happy! I thank all those who sent their thesis”.

Commission chaired by Prof. Roberto Radice of the Catholic University of Milan and composed of Prof. Francesco Verde of Sapienza University of Rome, Prof. Jurgen Hammerstaedt of the University of Cologne, Prof. David Konstan of Brown University, Prof.ssa Elena Irrera of the University of Bologna, Dr. Enrico Piergiacomi of the University of Trento and Michele Pinto, president of the cultural Association the world of Epicuro, he has drawn up a ranking of the thesis deemed worthy, following the four criteria established by the notice: originality (max 30 points), scientific and methodological rigour (max 25 points), use of the bibliography (max 25 points), ability to actualize epicurean thought (max 20 points).

Eleni Avadoulu (Ein Epikureer demontiert stoisches Politikverständnis. Philodem, Uber Rethorik III (col. I-XX Sudhaus)) 100 points.

Claudio Vergara (PHerc 1670 ( Filodemo La provvidenza?) 90 points (30-25-25-15)

Solmeng-Jonas Hirschi (Epicurus’ Human Beings: beyond person and self) 85 points (30-25-25-10)

This is the motivation with which the thesis of Eleni Avdoulou was awarded: “ An Epicurean dismantles the stoic conception of the requirements of the good politician”. Philodemo, On rhetoric III (coll. I-XX Sudhaus): “Eleni Avdoulou’s doctoral thesis offers almost 125 years after the editio princeps of Siegfred Sudhaus. the re-edition and the first comment of an extensive and important passage of the third book On the Rhetoric of Polidemo together with a translation in german. The columns re-edited and commented by Avdoulou contain a controversy against the Stoic theories of Diogenes of Babylon/Seleucia.

The edition of the third book treated by Avdoulou posed an unusual range of challenges: the complicated transmission of the text in partially different versions of two scrolls of Herculaneum papyri, the difficult reading and text identification of corresponding text in the two scrolls, and above all the problem of the wide extension of syntactic structures, sometimes beyond the transmitted fragments, and the intricate task of distinguishing between words of Philodemus himself and the quotations of Diogenes.

The mere extension of text re-edited and commented is impressive. Avdoulou has contributed despite the current difficulties of access to the workshop of the Herculaneum papyri, the largest portion of the last 30 years to the re-edition of the Philodemo, offering for almost half of the lines new readings compared to the edition of Sudhaus.

It should be noted the great value of the commentary on the text which offers numerous elements for a better understanding of both the epicurean doctrine of Philodemo and his stoic adversary on the public and political role of rhetoric and also of the cultural background, as with the identification of Ciceronian footsteps remarkably similar”.


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Infinity the pleasure of Epicurus, the third Epicurean festival

The event will be held in Recanati, Corinaldo and Senigallia from 20 to 24 july 2021. Five days in which writers, artists, university professors and songwriters will alternate on stage to disseminate, live to actualize the message of freedom and happiness of Epicurus.

Eleni Avdoulou will present her thesis during the Festival, in front of the italian public.

Da Associazione Culturale Il mondo di Epicuro


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