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29 agosto 2020

28 agosto 2020


Another preview of “Babyteeth” is ready to be projected at Arena Gabbiano next Friday. The film, is the onset of the young filmmaker Shannon Murphy from Australia and it is based on the homonymus play by Rita Kalnejais, who wrote also the script.

22 agosto 2020

21 agosto 2020

20 agosto 2020


The second appointment of the Festival “Ventimilarighesottoimari in Giallo”, programmed for Thursday 20 August, will start at 7 p.m. in the gardens of Scuola Pascoli with the introduction of the book “La memoria del lago” (“The memory of the lake”) by Rosa Teruzzi, who will have a debate with the publisher Catia Ventura.

8 agosto 2020

7 agosto 2020


On Friday 7 August at 9,30, within the cultural events organized by the city of Senigallia, with the participation of local associations and enterprises for Summer 2020, the introduction of the book “Licia. The story of the first Italian woman who denounced a commissioner” will be held by the historian Marco Severini from the University of Macerata.

6 agosto 2020

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30 luglio 2020

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25 luglio 2020


On the occasion of the second Epicurean Festival, which is in course in Senigallia until 25th July at the gardens of Scuola Pascoli, Giulia Mancinelli, the editorial director of Vivere Senigallia and member of the Association Il Mondo di Epicuro, translated the “Principle Doctrines”, a work of the Greek philosopher, in which we find its whole philosophy.


At the feet of mountain Pennino, in the valley, a stream flows – named Scarsito – a tributary of Potenza river. Here’s a shady path in a beautiful beechwood, which switches between rocky ascents (you can climb on rocks) and river crossing parts.

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