Arci Vallone: the presentation of the book “Le mura di Gerico” by Silvana Amati

1' di lettura 08/09/2020 - Circolo Arci Vallone is pleased to invite the members of Arci and the owners of Uisp card, to the presentation of the book “Le mura di Gerico” by Silvana Amati.

The meeting will be held on Wednesday 9 September at 9,15 p.m. The book, which was written by Amati during the difficult period of lockdown, will be also presented by the writer and political man Pietro Rinaldo Fanesi from Ancona. Once the meeting will be finished, it will be possible to have as an homage a copy of the book.

For those who are interested, at the moment of the pickup, it will be possible to leave an offer, which will entirely be destined to Andos onlus, the Associazione Nazionale Donne Operate al Seno.

This initiative is the concluding meeting of a series of rendezvous organized by Circolo Arci Vallone during which 4 books written by local authors have been presented, bringing this kind of event out of the traditional citizen areas where they usually take place.

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