“Ventimilarighesottoimari in Giallo”, 2021’s edition has already been planned

2' di lettura 04/09/2020 - The 8th edition of the Festival has concluded but the Amministrazione of Senigallia, in partnership with Fondazione Rosellini for popular literature, is already planning next year’s edition.

The Festival will be back in 2021, from 19 to 16 August and the schedule is rich with famous authors from mystery and noir genres. Ventimilarighesottoimari in Giallo in fact has represented one of the biggest event of this summer in Senigallia. The eventi is unique in its genre among the national manifestations dedicated to the world of literature. One of its peculiarity is the attention given to the most recent works linked to civil themes and the mysteries of Italy.

This turned out to attract prestigious authors and intellectuals, as well as an audience made of people from the whole country. This year, indeed, despite the restrictions due to the anti-Covid19 campaign, the number of participants has exceeded the already high expectations the city had.

The great novelty of this year’s edition also contributed to the success of the Festival: that is to say the activation of a new website fully dedicated to the manifestation www.ventimilarighesottoimari.it that was entirely renewed in graphics and contents, and the broadcast of the meetings on the Web, providing the live streaming of the main events, debates with the authors and videos showing the best parts of the festival together with the contribution of Fondazione Rosellini about the history of the mystery genre in the fascist period and about the books and illustration of of Camera Gialla.

A huge success for the Festival that has magnificently adapted to the normatives due to the pandemics, still offering its presence on the Internet with a new format capable of arising the public.

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