“Babyteeth”, the national preview at Arena Gabbiano

2' di lettura 27/08/2020 - Another preview of “Babyteeth” is ready to be projected at Arena Gabbiano next Friday. The film, is the onset of the young filmmaker Shannon Murphy from Australia and it is based on the homonymus play by Rita Kalnejais, who wrote also the script.

The film - presented at the competition for the 76th Mostra Internazionale d’arte cinematografica in Venice, where it was largely accredited – narrates the story of a sick girl in the search for love and how her desire for love will lead to profoundly change the life of the family.

The teenage Milla, sick with cancer, falls in love of Moses, a drug dealer, some years older than her. In the start of their frequentation, despite the contrasting opinion of her parents, Milla will find out that she’s capable of looking at life with a new enthusiasm. Babyteeth, competing for the Leone d’oro best film, received many awards.

Indeed, Toby Wallace received the “Marcello Mastroianni” prize and the couple Milla-Moses got the Nave d’argento award for the category best couple. The combination between love and disease is now becoming a separate genre, generally addressing to teenagers.

The usual melodramatic layout of this genre, in the case of Babyteeth, stands out for its originality, due to the constant presence of the directing, often created through unconventional perspectives and thanks to a manual machine which sticks to the characters and their bodies in motion, during the desperate seek for emotions.

The film, whose release in Italy is going to be on September 23, will be available at the Arena Gabbiano for a national preview on 28 August exclusively, at 9,30. It is a chance not to be missed! In case of bad weather conditions, the events will be held inside. Air conditioned is provided inside.

To book your tickets in advance, which warmly recommend you, please consult the website: www.cinemagabbiano.it/ol

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