“The walk of tales under the stars” back in Corinaldo

2' di lettura 21/08/2020 - A new Walk of Tales is going to start, this time under the starry sky. The event will take place on Thursday 27 August, at the fountain in Viale Dietro le Monache (Piazza Risorgimento), at 9,30 p.m. in Corinaldo.

In the past decades, people used to tell legends at night around the fire. The darkness was inspiring and the lack of the TV encouraged this kind of activities. This time, beyond the walk in paths and streets, another itinerary has been programmed: an imaginary walk between stars and planets. This has been possible thanks to the contribution of Francesco Fratini and Michele Bigeli from the Community Astro Photography F&M in partnership with N.A.S.A. – (Nuova Associazione Senigallia Astrofilli).

Along the path, there will be the possibility of contemplating the starry sky with the help of some astronomy experts, in the hope that the weather will be assisting us. The path is 4km long approximately. The difference in height is 120m. The walk is suitable for everyone, including children who love walking (strollers are not recommended). A night walk filled with some legends about our places, enriched with suggestions on stars, planets and more. For those who are interested in participating, the walk, which will last about 2 hours, will bring you to the tower at the entrance of the Landroni. Here, it will be possible to observe the sky through a telescope generously provided by the experts.

The initiative is promoted by “Hiking 6 zampe”, ass. Ge. St. O. with the patronage of the city of Corinaldo and thanks to the collaboration of some members of N.A.S.A.

The anti-Covid measures must be respected. We strictly recommend the participants to wear a face mask and to bring a torch or a mobile phone provided with a torch. The wear of tennis or trekking shoes is mandatory.

Reservation is required, to be done at least 12h before the start of the walk, by sending an email to [email protected], or at 3351869869 (Giuseppe), or by message or WhatsApp.

The participation is free. It is for you the chance to walk, share stories and enjoy the beauty of the starry night collectively. All this according to the sentence pronounced by the genius from Pisa: “You can’t pick a flower without bothering a star”.

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