“Ventimilarighesottoimari in Giallo”: the third’s appointment’s schedule

2' di lettura 20/08/2020 - The third day of the Festival “Ventimilarighesottoimari in Giallo” which has been programmed for Friday 21 August, will start with the presentation of the book “Gli scomparsi: il primo caso del discente di Cesare Lombroso” by Alessia Tripaldi.

The meeting is at 7 p.m. in the gardens of Scuola Pascoli. At the very heart of the book, the story of a young man develops. The barefoot skinny man, is caught to be wandering in streets. He says that his name is Leone and that he has always lived in the wood with his father, until he died while sleeping. Actually, the man was murdered and maimed and apparently was not the biologic father of the boy.

The Commissioner Lucia Pacinotti trace his University friend Marco Lombroso, the great-nephew of the famous criminologist, to be with her in the investigation which will reveal a series of disturbing kidnapping of children. In the interview, the journalist from Tgr Marche, Anna Mezzina, will ask Tripaldi to tell us more about the book.

In the evening, on the contrary, at 9,30 p.m. in Piazza Garibaldi, there will be the meeting Piernicola Silvis, who, together with the author Antonio Maddamma, will introduce his book “Gli illegali”, a novel set in Naples, whose complex plot leads the reader to the discovery of the relationship between Camorra and the “grey zone” of the Estate in the “good” salons at the base of the Vesuvio.

Finally, we would like to remind you that during the days of the festival, on the website www.ventimilarighesottoimari.it, a series of video realized by Fondazione Rosellini, concerning the history of the mystery literary genre in the Fascist period, in books and illustrations of the “Camera Gialla”, will be published.

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