“Ventimilarighesottoimari in Giallo”: on Thursday the long-awaited lectio magistralis by Massimo Raffaeli

Ventimilarighesottoimari 2' di lettura 19/08/2020 - The second appointment of the Festival “Ventimilarighesottoimari in Giallo”, programmed for Thursday 20 August, will start at 7 p.m. in the gardens of Scuola Pascoli with the introduction of the book “La memoria del lago” (“The memory of the lake”) by Rosa Teruzzi, who will have a debate with the publisher Catia Ventura.

At the heart of the novel, the new adventure for the ‘Miss Marple del Giambellino al secolo’: Libera, the flower girl, Jole, the extravagant nanny and mother with the passion for yoga and free love, and the young reporter Irene, a very gifted girl.

This time the story concerns the tragic death of a young woman in the woods near the Lake of Como. The episode happened in the post-war years. Thought to be an accidental fall, a halo of mystery wrapped the case. At 9,30 p.m., indeed, in the gardens of Scuola Pascoli, the long-awaited lectio magistralis held by philologist Massimo Raffaeli is ready to welcome you.

The lectio this year will be dedicated to Boris Vian and his “Sputerò sulle vostre tombe”, written in the immediate post-war period with the pseudonym of Vernon Sullivan. The story, set in the south of the United States, is a sex, blood and money affair. The protagonist is a black man whom nobody can perceive like that. This man enters the environment of the white to plagiarize them, fight them and finally kill them.

A novel of a great style, it is also an homage to the African-American culture given by an author who, in his short and troubled life, had been a novelist, a cinema lover, a poet, a speaker, a critic of jazz music and science fiction at once. Moreover, he was a member of Accademia dei Patafisici.

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