“Journey into Beauty”: The Virgin of Mercy’s iconography goes to the Art Gallery of Senigallia

2' di lettura 19/08/2020 - A topic that is very close not only to the popular and religious tradition, but also to the artists of all times: The Virgin of Mercy will be exhibited in the Pinacoteca of Senigallia from Thursday 20 August.

The many images portraying the Virgin Mater Misericordiae, as well as the Crosses, all paintings hanged in churches and museums of our territory are the testimony of what the Father has done for us and of the mercy he had towards us. They narrate the story of the salvation and remind us of the nature of that love.

All pilgrims, tourists and visitors of religious places have now the chance to go discovering these treasures through a unique itinerary. In the Art Gallery of Senigallia, the Virgin portrayed by painter Giuliano Presutti, towards the end of the 6th century, will guide the visitors along the path. The images of the Virgin of Mercy are present in the whole diocesan territory, including the churches in Ripe, Mondolfo and Castelcolonna, just to mention the ones in the area of Senigallia.

In order to deepen into the beauties of the Pinacoteca, which was founded in 1992, and build in the cardinal’s apartment, every Thursday of July and August, it is possible to have guided visits for free. Two sessions of visits are planned, the first starting at 9,30 p.m. and the second at 10 p.m. The exhibition narrates the changes in iconography that the Virgin of Mercy went through. The faithful demand to the Virgin’s images an act of intercession capable of rescuing the urban community from the threat of the plague. This sentiment feels particularly close to us in this time of pandemic.

Places for visits will be very limited, because of the restrictions due to Covid-19. Visitors will enter following the order of arrival to the Pinacoteca. The use of a face mask is mandatory. Hands should be sanitized as the anti-Covid usual prescriptions.

Reservation is not needed. The visit is in Italian language. The Pinacoteca is always open, entrance is free, from Thursday to Sunday, from 9 to 12 p.m.
For further information: www.diocesisenigallia.it

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