Anso supporting culture: the awarding of NetoIP Prize

3' di lettura 07/08/2020 - Everyday Anso’s web magazines spread culture: news about events at theatre, books’ reviews, conferences, debates and much more. But Anso took a further step in the days between 23-25 July.

Within “Free like Epicurus, the second Epicurean Festival”, Saverio Zeni, delegated from ANSO, delivered the NetoIP Prize for the best thesis on Epicurus. This award aims to support those who do research and spread culture. The NetoIP Prize was organized by Associazione Culturale il Mondo di Epicuro in partnership with ANSO and was totally financed by the phone operator NetoIP from Ancona, operative in all the national territory.

The Prize was won by two: Tiziana di Fabio and Vincenzo Damiani. Both thesis point out the currency of the Epicurean thought: Di Fabio collected many testimonies on the relationship with politics, proving that the idea of Epicureanism as a closed and selfish philosophy was not true. Damiani analysed the literary genre of the compendium and the employ Epicurus made to reach the public.

The literary genre of the compendium is similar to what happens at the Epicurean Festival: “The way Epicurus explains philosophy in extensive and detailed books, destined to an expert reader and then summarizes them in shorter and simpler books, destined to a wider public is very similar to what we do at the Festival – explains the organizer Michele Pinto – here, some very high-qualified academic specialists explain, in 30 minute, one philosophical argument to a wide and varied public, who often doesn’t know much about philosophy”.

The three days in the Gardens of Scuola Pascoli consented to spread the Epicurean thought thanks to the simple but effective speeches held by plenty of guests. The writer Francesca Diano brought the testimony of the studies on Epicurus conducted by Father Carlo Diano. Daniele Puccinella talked, indeed, about the informer Luciano De Crescenzo. Researches Jurgen Hammerstaedt and Gianluca Del Mastro are giving an important contribute to research. They explained their studies, conducted in the purpose of making words timeless.

Different themes have been discussed, such as politics with Elena Irrera, the death viewed through the eyes of philosophers was discussed by Matteo Saudino, the excercises of Carpe Diem were, instead, discussed by Angela Lombardo. Moreover, Enrico Piergiacomi dealt with Epicurus’ invulnerability, Fiorenzo Conti talked about philosophy in relationship with neuroscience. A debate on the doctrine of Stoicism was also part of the program, Selene I.S. Brumana and Giulio Lucchetta talked about this subject.

It is a fantastic initiative to actively promote and spread philosophy, offering chances to young learners and researchers. In fact, it represents a way to widen our own knowledge and to reflect upon philosophy from a different perspective, providing visibility to new arguments and discoveries. The jury, chaired by professor Roberto Radice from Università Cattolica di Milano, declared that the level of competence, in technical terms, was so high that the choice of the winner was not a simple thing.

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