“Geographically instable”, the travel book written by Pamela Violanti

3' di lettura 04/08/2020 - The title of her first book is “Geograficamente instabile”. Here, the writer narrates the main episodes of her travels around the world and tells us about what she learnt from them.

Pamela doesn’t travel as a simple tourist, she travels in order to truly live the places, the people, the cultures and sometimes, even the discomforts of the countries she visits. She’s been to 61 different countries! She defines herself “geographically instable” because of her past made of many voyages, feelings and friends from all the world.

Retracing our own life is not always that easy, but Pamela managed to put her feelings on paper. In her book, she retraces the steps that brought her to 61 different countries and made of her a cosmopolitan 20-year-old woman. I think that real stories are always so fascinating because of their authenticity, even if it’s really complicated to narrate them, especially when the writer corresponds with the protagonist. But I strongly believed that the world need stories like these.

Listening to the people we meet, paying attention to their accents, their manners and way of living really had an impact on Pamela, who figured out how important for human being is to read this sort of stories to open their minds and to live better their lives day by day. In front of all the information circulating on the Web, on TV news and on other devices, it’s easy to get lost, or confused. What really can help us to live the life we desire is the mental attitude we assume. It could sound as a cliché, but the way we approach to reality can truly hide a gigantic world of studies, laws and more.

By presenting her life journey under the shape of a book, Pamela aims to help people to see beyond, to improve themselves, to motivate themselves not to delay their dreams to the future any further, because the “today”, “here and now” is the only thing we can change, always. We’ll be in the future one day, but only after the present moments, which we should optimize. Time is the only thing we cannot buy. At least we can make it our best friend and draw something marvellous from it.

Each single story is unique. There’s not an exclusive path. The writer, with her narration, wants us to inspire and move us so much that everyone can feel encouraged to pursuit their own path in the best way. The book has been filled with pages of lessons learnt by the writer during her journeys around the world. She found herself in the most distant destinations and situation, touching unknown cultures with hands and connecting with people of any sort of ethnicity, social status and religion.

Once back to her hometown, Senigallia, during the lockdown, she made the decision to put pen on paper. You can read about her journeys buying her wonderful book that is available in Mondadori Bookstore, in Corso 2 Giugno, 61, Senigallia. You can also find it online on Amazon.

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