On 4 August “Parasite” at cinema Gabbiano: free tickets for VS’ readers

1' di lettura 03/08/2020 - On 4 August, at 9,30 p.m. the film “Parasite” will be projected at the Arena Gabbiano. The first two people who comment, will receive a free entrance ticket each.

Only those commenting with their own name in signature can win the tickets. An ID must be shown at the ticket office. The open-air cinema of the Arena Gabbiano, bringing on the big screen some of the biggest success of the latest season, represents one of the most awaited Summer events in Senigallia.

The full price ticket is 5,50€, the reduced one is 4,50€ (young, military, silver or gold cards), the special one is 4€ only (silver, student and special card, available at the info municipal offices, hotels, beach resorts and affiliated activities). Tickets can be purchased in the ticket office of the Arena.

The reservation online is not compulsory, even if this summer – due to a limited number of seats and the social distancing between the spectators – it is very useful to make sure you got your seat, so you can easily access the room, avoiding the queue. To book your tickets, click on the following link: www.cinemagabbiano.it/ol.

All films will be projected outside at 9,30 p.m. Films for children, on Thursday and Sunday, will be projected inside at 8,30 p.m. In case of bad weather conditions, all films will be projected inside, air conditioned provided. On the days with double projections, in case of rain, the Arena’s film will start at 10.

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