The exhibition in Loretello, a symbol of our support for our region

1' di lettura 31/07/2020 - On 31 July, at 6,30 p.m., the project Cuore dell’Arte per i comuni delle Marche set up by Casa Sponge in partnership with Consorzio Loretello arrives in Loretello, Arcevia.

During the lockdown, a fund raising by Casa Sponge for ANCI Marche, in partnership with Caritas Marche with the participation of Museo Statale Tattile Omero, was started. The initiative involved 33 artists from Marche or simply related in some ways with our region. Some of them decided to renew their support to our land, in this second phase, by taking part to a collective exhibition in the interiors of Consorzio Loretello.

The aim was to exhibit works made with no matter what style or technique, with the only limit of respecting the dimensions of 18x24. Giovanni Gaggia and Roberto Coda Zabetta also will take part to the event, one is the art director from Casa Sponge, the other, the founder of Consorzio Loretello. Simultaneously with the opening of the exhibition, in Casa Sponge’s home, in Pergola, there will be the awarding of the works for the fund raising “Il cuore dell’Arte per I comuni delle Marche”.

Anci Marche, which wanted this fund raising to be made, feels very proud. “We’re very pleased, just like Anci Marche is, of being part of the realization of this initiative – said Mangialardi – which will have this second chance for reflection”. At the opening of the exhibition, as decided by mayor Mangialardi, Marco Sebastianelli, mayor of Trecastelli, delegate of Anci Marche and member of the Associazione dei Comuni delle Marche, will make a speech.

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