Corinaldo: International Organ Festival, organ player Carlo Forlivesi on stage with alto Andreina Zatti

2' di lettura 29/07/2020 - “The sounds of a floating time”, this is the main theme of the 4 appointments of a spectacular edition of this year’s international organ festival ‘City of Senigallia’.

This year is the 19th edition of the Festival. The event will take place in the last days of July and the first of August, at 9 p.m. following a new procedure according to the anti-Covid restrictions. On 30 July, at 9 p.m., the Festival reaches Corinaldo, at San Francesco’s Church, with the organist Carlo Forlivesi and the singer Andreina Zatti (alto) who will perform the sounds coming from different historic and stylistic ages.

The program includes an organ improvisation on the Ut queant laxis theme in its double version (Corali di Bettona and Codice di Montecassino), which expands towards two great music expressions of Christian spirituality: the ‘Sinfonia di Idegarda di Bingen’, considered as one of the Church’s Fathers and the “Antifona a San Crispolto”, one of the first bishops in Jerusalem who arrived in the Italian region Umbria, specifically in Bettona, in Assisi, in the 1st century.

The spreading voice of the singing, together with the sound of the organ, gives birth to the “mystical light of music”. This light comes from the holiness of its idiom. “The Organ Festival – tells us assessor for Culture of the city of Corinaldo, Giorgia Fabri – has been one of the first events which we wanted to re-confirm, since we believed that we should re-start from our history and from our cultural heritage, which is kept in our holy structures, paying particular attention to the organs.

We renewed our collaboration with Senigallia and the Festival artistic office, which has offered to us incredible moments of great music.” Those initiatives are the proof of the great value that the cultural processes can carry, even in a delicate period like the current one.”

The whole Festival will be broadcasted by Fano Tv (ddt 17) live and streaming on the Facebook page and on the homonymous YouTube channel, in order to allow the largest number of people to attend the concerts. The high quality artistic and musical content will be enriched by some poems, wisely selected by professor Fabio Ciceroni.

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