At the Rotonda the introduction of the book by Giovanni Ricciotti about Giovanni Puccini

1' di lettura 28/07/2020 - The latest book written by professor Giovanni Ricciotti, “Giovanni Puccini libraio tipografo a Senigallia” and “La terra è di tutti di Mario Puccini”, retrace the intense life of Giovanni Puccini.

He moves from Ghivizzano, a small village in the appennino lucchese, to Senigallia, in the second-to-last decade of the 19th century, to set up an important activity as bookseller and printer, first in Senigallia and later in Ancona.

Especially as a printer, he goes beyond the simple production of printed texts and posters by launching, besides a vast production of postcards, a real editorial activity. He starts printing many brochures and books, on local and others themes. It is a story of emigration and self-realisation in professional field which doesn’t concludes in itself, but ends up involving and influencing greatly the work of his son, Mario.

He contributes to make his son’s latest book known to the public, the books is titled “La terra (Prima vita di Cornelio). The book will be presented by the author on 18 July at 9,30 p.m. at the Rotonda in Senigallia.

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