Words really went beyond time during the last day of “Free like Epicurus” Festival

3' di lettura 27/07/2020 - Last Saturday was the closing day of the Epicurean Festival. The event brought a breeze of fresh air in Senigallia: the city has been infused with culture and happiness for 5 days.

The last day dedicated to the Greek philosopher was opened at the gardens of Scuola Pascoli by the two winners of the NetoIP Prize, Tiziana Di Fabio and Vincenzo Damiani, who discussed the arguments of their winning theses, each of them has been rewarded with 750e. Politics was also a main topic of the day, indeed, Tiziana Di Fabio illustrated how the phrase “live hidden”, pronounced by Epicurus, doesn’t stand for a ban on political participation.

Later, Elena Irrea, a researcher in political philosophy, spoke about the idea of freedom, according to the Epicurean philosophy, and the influences of Epicureanism on the current political thought. Vincenzo Damiani, on the contrary, explored the literary genre of the compendium, very important for Epicurus because it allowed many people to approach to his texts more easily.

The Festival ended with the meeting “Words that go beyond time” held by researchers Jürgen Hammerstaedt and Gianluca Del Mastro. One is an expert of Diogenes of Oenoanda’s work, an inscription that carries the lessons by Epicurus, the other one is a papyrologist, specialized on Herculaneum’s papyrus, which contain some Greek philosophical texts mainly about Epicurus.

The stage welcomed also Lorenzo Cavallari, whose art creation, a handmade mirror, reflects the concept of freedom, as Epicurus conceived it. Other guests were Lorenzo Cicconi Massi and Lucia Camozzi, the photographer and the model who worked together for the creation of the poster picture of this year’s Festival. Catia Urbinelli and Daniele Vocino from Melograno Theatre made some readings while Andrea Celidoni introduced his song “Epicuro Rap”.

A special greeting was sent by Professor Roberto Radice, the protagonist of last year’s edition. “Dear friends, it’s with honesty and affection that I join the spirit that embraces you all tonight. An unusual feeling, that does not derive from common benefits, neither from shared places or lifestyles, but from a distant philosophical view. However, in this tragic year, the Hellenistic existence of lost people in search of a sign, makes us contemporary and close to Epicurus: a man and a philanthropist, able to live on his own, who gets satisfied with not much, as long as it is essential. His school didn’t have a limited number, it was pleasant to attend, even better than the Paradise’s Gardens, were people entered in couples and walked out of it as damned. Many different people entered the Kepos and they then left with friends. What a strange school was the Epicurean one: you enter it as friends and you get out of it as conscious friends… just like now in Senigallia! Bye everybody, Roberto”.

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