The agreement between hotel owners and Assi-France for the assurance of holidays in Senigallia

1' di lettura 27/07/2020 - Marco Manfredi, the president of Associazione Alberghi e Turismo Senigallia and Cesare Baldiserri, the president of Assi-France, the traditional agency of UnipolSai of Senigallia, show their agreement for holidays assurance.

In Coronavirus times, in order to make the tourists’ permanence easier at Senigallia Unisalute, Unipol group’s health insurance, which is the first of Italy for number of clients assisted, 8,6 million, has elaborated an insurance plan according to Covid. Basically, tourists are provided with an insurance, included in the accommodation price of the associated structures, which guarantees a protection in case of positive results to Covid-19.

The initiative aims to increase the clients’ feeling of safety during this phase of re-start. The insurance consists of: - a daily benefit in case of hospitalization; - a flat-rate indemnity for the after hospitalization for intensive care; - an immediate medical consultation in case of suspicious symptoms, a psychological consulting, besides mobile information concerning public and private health structures, drugs, and preparation for diagnostic exams. The whole thing last 90 days after the activation of the receptive structure.

The aim of the agreement between the Associazione and Assi-France is that of promoting the stay in Senigallia with the guarantee of safety for all tourists. Baldiserra hopes that this project of collaboration between Senigallia’s hotel owners could provide important services for tourists, to promote the restarting of a strategic sector for the city.

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