Free like Epicurus: The “Principle Doctrines”, a translation by Giulia Mancinelli for the Festival

2' di lettura 24/07/2020 - On the occasion of the second Epicurean Festival, which is in course in Senigallia until 25th July at the gardens of Scuola Pascoli, Giulia Mancinelli, the editorial director of Vivere Senigallia and member of the Association Il Mondo di Epicuro, translated the “Principle Doctrines”, a work of the Greek philosopher, in which we find its whole philosophy.

The “Principle Doctrines” is the essential guide to Epicurus’ ethics, summed up in 40 points, through the literary genre of the compendium, which became for the philosopher very important in the moment he realized that philosophy should be accessible and comprehensible to everybody who wishes to be happy, no matter how distant they are from Athens’ Gardens.

You will be able to read the translation in the official booklet of the Festival, which is already on delivery in Senigallia. You will find it also in the course of the Festival.

Giulia Mancinelli explains how “her translation turns out to be easily comprehensible, simple to read and still very close to the original text”.

“Translating the Principle Doctrins was for me an exciting experience, a challenging one, which brought me back to the study of ancient Greek. Last year, when I translated the Letter to Menoeceus, I really had fun so this year I was willing to do it again. The translation was released thanks to Creative Commons’ license in order to give everyone the possibility of using it with no copyright, only if the source is mentioned – explains Giulia Mancinelli – The work has been realized in two formats: beyond the written text, an audiobook version has also been made. You can download the files in .mp3. format freely from the audiobook. Its production has been made possible thanks to Catia Urbinelli, who read for us the 40 aphorisms with her own voice”.

In the official booklet of the Epicurean Festival’s first edition, whose main topic was “Friendship, the philosophy of life”, it is possible to find the complete translation of “Letter to Menoeceus”, also known as “Letter of Happiness”. “In this work the philosopher deals with different themes, including the seek for happiness as a need, philosophy as a means for its achievement and the fear of death” explains Giulia.

“It was extremely important for the Festival the reception of a message sent by Christos Yapijakis, professor of medicine at University in Athens and Takis Panagiotopoulos, expert in computer science, on behalf of the Amici di Filosofia Epicurea “Giardino di Atene” – says finally Giulia – in which they wish us good luck for the Festival and send us greetings with these words: ‘Friendship dances all over the world and asks us to get up and tell her hello’”.

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