Free like Epicurus. Cavallari glassworks: “The Greek alphabet has an intrinsic beauty”

3' di lettura 23/07/2020 - Cavallari glassworks has made a work for Free like Epicurus, the second Epicurean Festival held in Senigallia from 23rd to 25th July at the gardens of Scuola Pascoli. You will be able to observe the handmade mirror during all the Festival period.

Could you please explain the significance of your work?
Where does the idea come from? First of all, we’re glad we’ve been invited to participate: this event represents a chance to discuss universal topics which inspire discussion and debate. Moreover, it motivates people to dust off the old school books and go back to those arguments which generally find no place in the daily routine. A pause for thinking is always a positive thing. The idea of the creation comes from the 77th fragment of the original Greek text and of the Italian translation. The Greek alphabet has an internal beauty: the graphic sign united with the colouring makes the concept clear through the flying figure who’s holding in his hands some colourful lines. This is the self-reliance which brings to freedom. It can be interpreted in different ways: for a productive reality, artisanal or other, it means financial independence, clean and renewable sources of energy, a reasonable bureaucracy, openness in the practical questions, etc.

How did you approach this job?
We have a family company: the glassworks – the first that was born in Senigallia – it was set up more than 60 years ago by Adolfo Cavallari, Lorenzo’s father, at the beginning of Via Marchetti, and then in Via Cellini, at the office where today the showroom is. The production site, instead, is in the artisanal area and range from the traditional products, the fusion of glass (we use special ovens which permit to produce also sinks and furnishings) to the main techniques for decoration and glass painting.

What is the most difficult part of the glass manufacturing and what are the hours needed?
Glass is like a living being: nice and fragile, so it requires attentions. Respect and caution are also needed to handle it: when you work with it, shortcuts never lead to satisfactory results. We believe that this rule is valid in all working fields.

Did it ever happen that a work got entirely broken? How did you feel about it?
Yes, it happened more than once: in that instant you feel helpless, but disappointment lasts no long and when you go back to work, you recreate the product trying to doing it better, if possible, or at least to do the same job in terms of quality, if the first attempt was already a good one. For further info concerning the Festival “Free like Epicurus” and to know about reservations and gadgets:

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