At the Rotonda the introduction of the e-book ‘Trenta e un bastardo’

3' di lettura 22/07/2020 - On Wednesday 22nd July at 9,30 p.m., within the cultural events organized for this summer by the city of Senigallia in partnership with the local associations and cultural enterprises, the introduction to the e-book ‘Trenta cani e un bastardo’ will take place at Rotonda a Mare.

The author Alessandro Morbidelli will be present, Chiara Michelon and Antonella Alessandrini will also talk. This meeting is part of the festival ‘Le Marche tra le righe’, edited by lobook bookstores and dedicated to our Region’s literature. The aim is to better know ourselves, our identity, our memory and our places thanks to the stories written by authors from Marche. Under the guide of narration, we will be led to the discovery of certain elements which are particularly difficult to penetrate and to feel. To trust literature in order to tell stories, to describe the human spirit, but also the territory, nature, costumes and the personality of a region that should be discovered in its variety.

After ‘Storia nera di un naso rosso’, Alessandro Morbidelli offers to Gechi, the e-book collection by Todaro, its new book ‘Trenta cani e un bastardo’: ‘You’re a bastard of 20 years ago such as many others, you’re involved in drugs traffic in the shadow of the stage, you’re in the war between teenage gangs always ready to fight. But now, you’re in trouble and they are looking for you. You cannot do nothing but run away from Milan, leave your daily routine behind, an ordinariness lived at night, under the neon lights of nightlife and violence. So you can reach a new world, a distant one, immersed in the values of the marchigiana countryside. A world that has already been contaminated by a depressed and individualist humanity, where all seems dark and shadow. The only glimpse of light comes from that animal shelter, which is not properly an animal shelter. There you can find eyes like yours, those of the thirty dogs looked after by the old Natalino. Yet, even in this world made of simple things and solitude, violence will soon to be the one and only friend. Since nobody can chain a bastard up, because, sooner or later, the past always comes back to ask for the bill’.

According to the theme, the association Code Ribelli will be one of the guests of the Festival. They will tell us about the significance of an intense encounter with a dog which then turns into adoption.
Alessandro Morbidelli, born in 1978, still lives as a freelancer in a town situated in between the sea and the mountains in the region of Marche. He published the noir set in our region ‘Ogni cosa al posto giusto’, edited by collected works dedicated to the sea and it made its apparition also in various collections together with the names of Carlo Lucarelli, Valerio Evangelisti, Alan D. Altieri. He writes for the website owned by Barbara Garlaschelli and he is a member of Carboneria Letteraria.

According to the anti-covid measures, places are limited. RESERVATION is required (including for free-entrance events) and has to be done on or at Teatro La Fenice on Fridays and Saturdays from 5 to 8 p.m., or on the site of the event if there are some places left.

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