“Free like Epicurus” even in Summer, we can’t stop thinking

3' di lettura 21/07/2020 - Senigallia is hosting the Epicurean Festival for the second time, “Free like Epicurus” is the title of this year’s edition, indeed the main topic will be freedom.

The festival will take place in July from 23rd to 25th at the gardens of Scuola Pascoli. Here, various guests will talk with enthusiasm about their studies on one of the greatest philosophers, Epicurus and on his bitter enemies, the stoics.

The festival has been conceived in the purpose of rediscovering the philosophy of Epicurus, which after 2300 years has not grown old yet. His theories can guide us to the achievement of wellness and can lead us at a peace of the mind. According to Epicurus, those conditions can be found in the daily little things, in simplicity and friendship.

Among the guests who will talk during the meeting “Words that overcome time” there are: the writer Angela Lombardo will provide us with the 15 Epicurean to-follow-tips gathered in her book “La vita dolce”, in which she compares Epicureanism with the Mediterranean lifestyle; Matteo “Barbasophia” Saudino who loves teaching philosophy to his students and spreading also his knowledge through video-lessons on YouTube; researchers Jurgen Hammerstaedt, a specialist of Diogenes of Oenoanda’s work; and Gianluca del Mastro, a specialist of Herculaneum papyri. A special space is dedicated to two big Epicurus’ supporters: scholar Carlo Diano and informer Luciano De Crescenzo.

Futhermore, Selene I.S. Brumana and Giulio Lucchetta, will also be present. They will talk about the philosophical doctrine that has always been opposed to Epicureanism, that is to say Stoicism. There will be the opportunity, moreover, to do a fun test “are you Stoic or Epicurean?”. You will find the test in the booklet, which also contains the Festival’s program, that will be freely delivered.

From this year, each year, a particular philosophical school will be discussed. You will have the chance to vote in order to select next year’s philosophical movement by buying a philosophy book in the bookstores of the city.

At the Festival, there will also be the award ceremony for NetoIP prize for the best thesis on Epicurus. The two winners Tiziana di Fabio and Vincenzo Damiani will discuss their theses’ arguments which point out the accuracy of the Epicurean thought. Tiziana di Fabio has proved how the famous “live hidden” by Epicurus is not an absolute ban from the dedication to politics. Vincenzo Damiani has explored the literary genre of the compendium, very important to Epicurus.

The Festival is the right chance to know Epicurus in Senigallia, but also an opportunity for Senigallia to introduce herself to Epicurus’ followers coming from all Europe. Many artists have interpreted Epicurus in according to their own discipline: photographer Lorenzo Cicconi Massi is the author of the cover photo inspired by its famous series “Flying women”, chefs have prepared a special dish dedicated to the philosopher that you will be able to taste during the Festival, artists Geos, Tolp and Panic have made some graffiti about Epicurus in the tunnel in Via Mamiani and the Vetreria Artistica Lorenzo Cavallari has realized a mirror, which has been manually decorated following the theme of freedom. The true protagonist of this year’s edition will be music: the musicians of Campanile Group and Andrea Celidoni will entertain us with their songs inspired by the words pronounced by the Greek philosopher, offering to us the sonority which range from the best-known summer songs to songwriting.

All events of Free like Epicurus festival are free. Reservations is however needed. Info: epicuro.org/liberi-come

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