The Campionaria and Fiera di Sant’Agostino back in August but without fireworks

2' di lettura 13/07/2020 - In this year’s summer with no such big events because of Covid-19, the ‘Velvet Beach’ avoids fireworks but maintains the Campionaria and Fiera di Sant’Agostino.

These two events, which traditionally close every summer season, have been confirmed and the operators are still working on them in order to complete the details. Fiera Campionaria, organized by Expo Marche in partnership with Cna, will start, as usually, in the days which precede the beginning of Fiera di Sant’Agostino. Both events will end simultaneously.

The 30th meeting with the showcase dedicated to a variety of merchandising categories such as design and furniture, construction, craftsmanship, fashion, spare time, health and wellness and food will be held at Rocca Roveresca’s gardens and in Piazza del Duca in August from 23rd to 30th, from 5 to 12 p.m.

“We’re working hard to give the city a worthy event, with the addition of some new elements – explains Giacomo Mugianesi from Cna – Together with Marche Expo, we suggested a combination that could be capable of uniting safety with the freedom of circulation inside the pavilions, in which people can observe and purchase the products and ask for advice linked to incentives, from reconstruction to mobility”.

In fact, the organization of the Campionaria and Fiera di Sant’Agostino strictly follows the health protocols established for markets which include the crowd ban, obligatory paths of entrance and exit for visitors – who will be required to wear a mask – social distancing between people and the stands and finally the exposition of a notice in every stand. During the Fiera di Sant’Agostino too some rules have been established by the municipality: the people who wish to participate are asked to subscribe. The 556th edition of the Fiera will take place in the city centre in August from 27th to 30th.

“The adhesions till this moment have been favourable and we hope that the situation, from the medical point of view will, be kept under control as it is now – comments Giacomo Cicconi Massi from Confartigianato – the companies have registered a relevant decrease, with a loss of more than 30%. So we hope that this important summer festival, as well as the others currently on-going, will be like some fresh air for all merchants but also an attraction for visitors”.

The traditional fireworks, on the contrary, have been cancelled. This beloved and awaited event of every past summer would be the reason for crowd to form, which is to avoid.

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