Tribute to De’ Andrè: Princesa will perform in Ostra Vetere on July 10th

1' di lettura 10/07/2020 - After the lockdown and the long period of suspension of cultural activities due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Amministrazione Comunale of Ostra Vetere has relaunched the performing of all events.

On July 10th at 9 p.m. at Piazza Satellico in the city of Ostra Vetere, a concert performed by “Princesa” group will take place. The band will do a tribute to the Italian singer Fabrizio De’ Andrè, one of the most important and influential Italian songwriter. The artist, who was an exponent of the ‘Scuola genovese’, died 21 years ago, after the publication his 14 albums of ballads, in which he narrates stories of outcasts and rebels. His lyrics are considered by many critics as real poems.

In his career, De Andrè sold 65 million albums. Thanks to his success, he has been classified among the most successful Italian artists. Its popularity and its excellent artistic ability of his songs have been the reason why many institutions, after he died, gave his name to streets, squares, parks, theatres, libraries and schools.

For all these reasons, the Amministrazione Comunale of Ostra Vetere felt the need to promote an event dedicated to this great artist with the performance of “Princesa” in “Tributo a Fabrizio De’ Andrè” with Andrea Caprara (voice/acoustic guitar), Adamo Fratarcangeli (voice/violin/keyboard/acoustic guitar), Francesco D’Aversa (electric, acoustic and classical guitar), Alessandro D’Aversa (classical and acoustic guitar), Alfiero Paglia Basso and Enrico Mattei (drums/percussion).

You can book your entrance ticket at this phone number: 071965700 from 9,30 to 12,30 a.m. – 3,30 to 7,30 p.m.
Due to the rules of social distancing, seats are perforce limited, so booking in advance is warmly suggested.

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