‘Stragusto in Musica: the music, wine and food tasting Festival in Ostra

2' di lettura 08/07/2020 - As every year the summer schedule promoted by the city of Ostra is ready to start.

This summer feels almost surreal: Covid-19 emergency, that is still there - even if the current situation is less dramatic than in its initial phase -, has made a mark and has led to a series of organisation’s issues sometimes not easy to deal with.

But our city, which is also known as the “city of music”, couldn’t leave its inhabitants and tourists with no cultural appointments. So here’s OSTRA ESTATE 2020, organized by the Culture office of the city of Ostra together with the key support provided by the various local associations and enterprises, which succeeded in gathering a network of collaboration and put their own peculiar passion and ability at the disposal of everybody.

That’s how ‘STRAGUSTO IN MUSICA has been conceived. This event is going to entertain us on every Thursdays of July, starting from 7,30 p.m. The main protagonists of the event are the food and wine enterprises of the city centre and districts. The project comes from the desire of creating a moment of sharing in which people can connect with the reality of their territory, thanks to the possibility of purchase at night. The event has been organized in full accordance with the health protocols concerning the prevention of the spreading of the virus. Music performances and tastings will accord to the current normative. We’re aware of the fact that the virus is not gone yet so we still have to fight against it properly. We’re sure that the civil collaboration and responsibility, which have been so important for us in the most difficult times of this pandemic, will permit us to share pleasant moments.

We warmly thank everyone who, even if in a short time and with little heads-up, have shown themselves available for the good outcome of the event. We hope it will brighten you all up and encourage to be together, in the full respect of the rules. We’re looking forward to meeting you in Ostra, Thursday 9th of July at ‘STRAGUSTO IN MUSICA.

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