Iamaki: the new and exclusive Sushi garden in Senigallia

1' di lettura 08/07/2020 - Starting from Thursday 9th of July, IAMAKI offers a new experience to all quality sushi lovers.

A sophisticated restaurant furnished in a garden style where you can make new tasting experiences thanks to the exclusive menu offered by an exquisite cuisine.

It derives from the idea of combining the Japanese cuisine with the South- American cuisine. IAMAKI is situated in the heart of Senigallia’s seaside, inside an iconic room of Senigallia’s movida. The establishment has been restructured and transformed into the first Sushi Garden of Italy, an exclusive and welcoming atmosphere, tasting fusion.

The open kitchen matches perfectly with the traditional Japanese taste. There is also a cocktail bar, whose decor recalls a smart and ‘garden’ environment. In addition to the typical combinations of sashimi, roll and nigari, the menu also includes some hot and cold carpaccio appetizers, taco, various tartars, special rolls, tempura, tataki and some tropical tasting desserts. The offer off menu is also interesting: IAMAKI suggests some special dishes such as Brazilian picanha, kobe beef and tuna ventresca.

The restaurant offers also a gluten-free menu and take-away/delivery service. In summer, you will be able to eat in a fantastic location, with a view on the seashore, inside an essential and elegant garden.

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