Summer Jamboree 2021 edition. Here’s the schedule

2' di lettura 07/07/2020 - A dream edition of Summer Jamboree is expected for 2021.

The festival will represent a special occasion for all those people, from all around the world, who are looking forward to consulting the schedule of next year’s edition, since this year’s edition has been cancelled.

The 21st edition of Summer Jamboree, the most-attended International Festival of American music and culture of the 40s and 50s (organised by Summer Jamboree society and promoted by the Municipality of Senigallia, in partnership with Regione Marche and Camera di Commercio di Ancona), will take place in Senigallia from July 30th to August 8th 2021. Many people from all over the world are expected to attend the Festival.

Before the carrying out of the 21st edition of the Festival, the 1st Swiss edition of it, “Summer Jamboree on The Lake” (this also has been postponed due the health crisis caused by Covid-19) will be held from June 3rd to June 6th 2021. The prestigious exhibition of ROCK’N’ROLL IS A STATE OF THE SOUL (an exhibition organised by Summer Jamboree in cooperation with the Municipality of Senigallia “Città della Fotografia” on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the Festival) will precede the Swiss edition of the Festival. The exhibition will open in May 21st and will end in June 6th 2021.

All events share the same brand, but distinguish one another for the different sceneries, nations, situations and historic periods. These events, powerfully combining together, contribute to the international promotion of the Festival.

In the aim of ensuring the correct performance of Summer Jamboree’s schedule planned for 2021 in the established period, the Amministrazione Comunale is working together with promoters in order to define a new agreement and the option of renovation arranged for the next 4 years. The Amministrazione, that is going to take office this Autumn, will also be able of adding two extra dates according the themes of the schedule.

Summer Jamboree, the biggest summer event of Senigallia, is even one of the most expected summer events in the region of Marche as well as in Italy. All is getting ready for a great edition: the 21st edition, that will represent an important occasion for celebration and rebirth”.

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