"Selva di Boccalupo", the park in Corinaldo is open to the public all summer weekends

1' di lettura 06/07/2020 - Starting from July 4th the park Selva di Boccalupo (the former park of Geofisico) will be open to everyone on Saturdays and Sundays of the months of July and August.

This enchanted place is situated on the border between the West side of the municipality of Corinaldo and that of Castellone di Suasa, 1km distant from the archaeological park of Suasa.

A wonderful green spot in the middle of the countryside. In 1952, when the place was born, it used to be an observatory of the National Institute of Geophysics of Rome. It covers an area of six hectares approximately. Then, it was transformed into the current Selva di Boccalupo. The name was inspired by the name of an ancient small church, S. Maria di Boccalupo’s church, not far from the park.

From Saturday 4th of July, everyone who wishes to enter the park is allowed to take advantage of this large green space dominated by wild vegetation and a sense of quietness for free! The park will be accessible every weekend of July and August from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

To access the park during the week, reservation is required. For reservations, you can ask the municipality of Corinaldo (www.corinaldo.it) or the association Motoclub “Matti di Corinaldo”, in charge of the management of the park (www.mattidicorinaldo.it).

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