A great success for Premio Internazionale "Città di Senigallia - Spiaggia di Velluto"

2' di lettura 06/07/2020 - Despite the restrictions due to Covid post-emergency concerning the access to public events, the festival of Premio Internazionale “Città di Senigallia – Spiaggia di Velluto”, promoted by Vladimiro Riga and La Fabbrica dell’Evento association, has succeeded, once again, in bringing a blow of enthusiasm and amusement.

The event, that took place in the fascinating Garibaldi’s square, has managed to inspire emotions thanks to the presence of relevant guests such as Riccardo Foresi with That’s Amore Swing Orchestra and Operapop with Michele Pecora. The event was conducted by the brilliant Attilo Romita, a well-known face of Tg1. Throughout the event, some rewards were assigned. Among the rewarded: Cantine Silvano Strologo at Hotel Villa Sorriso, the Cooperativa Bovin Marche, the Accademia Pugilistica Senigalliese, Aldo Clementi and Michele Pecora. Each of them contributes to the rewarding of the best brands in Marche, Italy, Europe and around the world.

“We’d like to thank Vladimiro Riga – says mayor Maurizio Mangialardi – who, despite the many difficulties caused by Covid, with his usual devotion and his well-known appreciation for Senigallia, has succeeded in providing our city with such an interesting event which legitimately payed homage to the great protagonists of our region”. On the occasion, the two Blue Flags assigned to the city for the year 2020, were shown too. One puts the city of Senigallia in the 24th place for beaches; the other puts it in the 8th place for tourism.

“It was a pleasure – adds Mangialardi – sharing this moment, explaining how we’ve managed to achieve such a quality offer that permits us to make our territory attractive and to promote the tourism industry, thanks also to the environmental techniques and the building intervention made to the Porto della Rovere”.

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