Your dream summer holiday in Senigallia: quality food and fun!

3' di lettura 03/07/2020 - Senigallia, known as the Velvet Beach, famous for its Rotonda a mare, is also a city of taste and food creativity thanks to its several starred chefs.

Summer has already started and Senigallia, a pearl in the region of Marche, the only region of Italy that has appeared in the guide “Best in travel 2020” edited by Lonely Planet, introduces itself to tourists and visitors through two videos for the promotion and enhancement of the top attractions of this fascinating city.

The first video mingles together the ingredients for a fairy holiday with plenty of quality offers. It is a sensory journey that feasts your eyes, tickles your taste buds – even the most refined ones. It shows the Adriatic Sea, the Velvet Beach with its Blue Flag, the Rotonda a Mare, the harbour; in the city, the fantastic Rocca Roveresca, the Foro Annonario, different churches, art galleries and museums. And a final scene gives you a stunning view from the top of the colourful hills that surround the city. A second video has been produced by the team of VideoStrategie for the Municipality.

The title “Enjoy the special taste of Senigallia” sounds clearly as an invitation. A combination of attractive images which guides us into restaurants and the cafés, with the presentation of their excellent dishes and tasty drinks, as well as in places of fun, by the seaside and in the city centre. A city with a beating heart and welcoming spirit, with a passion for gourmet and taste.

A quality fish-based gastronomy is rare in European cities. In Senigallia, the starred chefs are two: Mauro Uliassi and Moreno Cedroni. Both of them are well-know not only in Italy but also abroad. They have been rewarded for the title “Restaurants and wines of Italy 2020”. The two of them have creative minds and devote themselves to culinary art passionately, reinterpreting and creating dishes in a tasty, fine and original way with an innovative – and never conventional – touch of genius.

Among the ambassadors in taste and quality, we also mention Paolo Brunelli, the excellent ice cream maker who received the “Tre Coni” award of Gamberetto Rosso for the best chocolate ice cream of Italy, competing with more than 27 thousand Italian ice cream parlours.

Restaurants, ice cream parlours, but also the iconic cafés such as Furcinon, the exquisite Franco Federiconi’s norcineria. Franco is the custodian of a tradition, he sells excellent products from 1939, from cold cuts to low-temperature cooked meat.

All these delicacies are highlighted in the video, directed and produced by Andrea Carli and Giacomo Lanari. It attracts the eye and teases your palate. This video moves us because of the details, the gestures, the vibes, the smiling faces. The beauty of your city, in between the sky and the sea, the golden beach and the treasures of the historic centre, mingle together with the delicacies of food and the places of entertainment.

Mauro Uliassi, Paolo Brunelli, Furcinon are the taste protagonists of the time. We move from the Rotonda a Mare, to the Foro Annonario, from Via Carducci to Portici Erolani. The menu is always starred: the fish from the Adriatic Sea, watered with the best local wines, the Verdicchio, excellent aperitifs, special cold cuts, the best artisanal ice cream of Italy.

Welcoming, tasty, lovable: Senigallia is ready offers you a dreamy holiday!

Enjoy the video:

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