The Epicurean Festival is getting closer: here all the guests

4' di lettura 01/07/2020 - It’s almost time for Free like Epicurus to begin, the Epicurean Festival that is going to take place in Pascoli School’s Gardens from July 23rd to 25th.

On the occasion, we’ll have the chance to meet many different guests we’ll be very pleased to listen to, all of them are experts both of the Epicurean philosophy and the human spirit.

Thursday afternoon, 6 p.m.: Live, Die, Laugh…
The Festival will be opened by Angela Lombardo, the writer who suggested, in her book “Vita dolce”, 15 Epicurean tips to follow for a happy life, attempting to lead their readers towards a positive change. Followed by Matteo Saudino, philosophy teacher, writer and YouTuber who spreads his knowledge by uploading his video-lessons on the Web, in a simple and effective language. He will tell us about the death of philosophers and especially the one of Master Epicurus Democritus. The last guest of the afternoon is going to be Giulio Lucchetta, who wrote plenty of books in his career as teacher, not only giving a philosophical contribution, but also giving a historical one. His intervention will be focused on an amusing debate between stoics and epicureans.

Thursday night, 9.30 p.m.: Not only Epicurus, the stoics
During the first day’s evening, the music band Campanile Group will entertain us with an Epicurus-devoted music, which analyses contemporary society in order to point out the currency of the philosophical movement. The day will end with Selene I.S. Brumana’s speech, who, in the aim of making us open our minds, will bring the testimony of a doctrine that has always been opposite to Epicureanism: Stoicism.

Friday afternoon, 6 p.m.: Epicurus’ heros and superheros
The first guest of the day is going to be Enrico Piergiacomi who will tell us about Epicurus’ freedom and explain to us his invulnerability. Followed by Francesca Diano who, besides being a writer and a translator, is also the daughter of Carlo Diano, a relevant philosopher, philologist, and Greek scholar (and hero) who devoted his studies and many of his books to Epicurus. Such an afternoon cannot come to an end without talking about Luciano De Crescenzo. The actor Daniele Piccinella, De Crescenzo’s big supporter, is in charge of this task.

Friday night, 9.30: Freedom
The second night will welcome the award-ceremony of the NetoIP Award, handed over by the responsible NetoIP Giacomo Napoli, with the presence of mayor Maurizio Mangialardi and president ANSO Marco Giovannelli. Professor Fiorenzo Conti will discuss the theme of happiness from the perspective of neuroscience to answer to the following question: is our brain really free?

Saturday afternoon, 6 p.m.: Politics
The intervention of the two winners Tiziana di Fabio and Vincenzo Damiano will open the last day, introducing to the audience their winning theses to prove the currency of Epicurus thought. Elena Irrera will tell us about the responsibility of freedom according to the philosophical thought from Epicurus onwards.

Saturday night, 9.30 p.m.: Words that defeat time
The Festival will conclude with the music of Andrea Celidoni, that will anticipate the last two interventions, that of Jurgen Hammerstaedt, professor at Cologne’s university, who devoted his studies and researches to the work of Diogenes of Oinoanda, who ordered the engraving of a wall with Epicurus’ teaching lessons so that they could be accessible to everybody. Most part of it reaches up to our times. And that of Gianluca del Mastro, papyrologist, who analyses the Filogemo di Gadara’s library.

Those who wish to subscribe can send from now an e-mail at [email protected] indicating what events they’re going to take part to (for their seats reservation) an the Festival t-shirt’s size, that will be put in a bag together with other Epicurean gadgets available for the first 70 subscribers. You will be able to pick up your bags during the Fastival days at Casa del Costume, right in front of Pascoli School’s Gardens. The bags will be also available for the others but until exhaustion.

The event and the gadgets are free-price.

According to anti-Covid measures, the garden which is holding the meetings will host 150 seats.

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