“Start again from science”, the immunologist Guido Silvestri suggests how we can get over health crisis

1' di lettura 30/06/2020 - Time is needed but we’ll step out of the dark and we’ll be stronger than ever.

Guido Silvestri – one of the greatest immunologists of the world in virology and especially in the study of HIV – in his book takes stock of the results obtained through scientific research and of the possible situations we must be prepared for in order to face the big retreat of Covid-19 with no uncertainties. Most importantly, for laboratory diagnostics and for the research on pathogenesis of the disease caused by Coronavirus, Silvestri goes through the crucial phases of the health emergency which has shocked our lives and suggests that we should overcome it somehow: without panic and with that sensible optimism which only science can provide.

If we are able to figure out the relevance of science and of medicine based on scientific evidence, the Covid-19 pandemic can turn into a fantastic opportunity for a new scientific Italian Rinascimento, in the country of Leonardo and Galileo, Fermi, Marconi, Galvani, Torricelli, Malpighi. We could build, day by day, all together, a culture of science in schools, in hospitals, on medias and in every field of our civil society. As scientists, citizens and humanity in general, if we have learned the right lessons from the fear of Covid-19, with humility, cleverness and pragmatism, in a few months’ time, we’ll have our lives back. Or rather, we’ll live better than before. This is an epic challenge that we have to fight and defeat all together. We have to do this to honor all the victims of the disease in the best way we can.

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