Caterraduno: a preview on the 2012 edition

1' di lettura 24/03/2012 - 2012 Caterraduno plays its ace cards: here you are a preview of the three big Italian guest-stars who will perform on the Velvet Beach from June 25th to June 30th.

The main guest-stars of this edition are the rock band Subsonica, the singer Samuele Bersani and finally, Nina Zilli who performed at the Sanremo Festival in February. All concerts are free and this year organizers aim to break the record of 30.000 presences that the Caterraduno set in 2011.

Like tradition wants, Filippo Solibello and Massimo Cirri will be the hosts of this 6-day-festival where music, culture, sport and politics will be the main topics of the daily radio transmissions.

Also the charity auction will be back this year: the raised funds will be given to the Associazione Libera Don Ciotti.

But a mystery still hangs on the festival: the main theme of this edition has not been disclosed yet. Can someone guess it?

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