Senigallia: a unique beach-golf tournament on the Velvet Beach

2' di lettura 16/05/2009 - The Velvet Beach is going to host the first national beach- golf championship this Sunday.

The \"Pitch & Putt\" event is unique in its kind and not only does it try to attract golf players but also those people who would like to try golf for the first time. The first drive is due at 10 am on the area between the Rotonda a Mare and the Ponte Rosso.

Participants can register in the town centre, in Piazza Roma, where organizers are going to inflate a plastic golf pitch to allow beginners to practice before entering the real link.

\" \"The \"Pitch & Putt\" schedules shorter courses than normal golf ones: in particular, in Senigallia, courses are 50-60 metres long. Moreover, players are going to use lighter irons and plastic balls\" - said Marco Quarchioni, Camerata Golf Club\'s president - \"The competition is reserved to teams: an expert player is going to play together with a beginner. Registration is 10 euros per person and the first ten players in the final rank are going to be awarded. All participants, moreover, are going to receive a t-shirt\".

For Senigallia, this event represents a great oportunity to promote its seaside worldwide. In fact, some national networks, such as Sky, are going to broadcast the tournament also in the US and in Germany. \" \"The \"Pitch & Putt\" tournament put sport and tourism together\" - said Gennaro Campanile, Senigallia\' s tourism assessor - \"In fact, thanks to the golf we are going to show our blue flag and our symbol, the Rotonda a Mare, all over the world\".

The tournament is sponsored by Mia Golf Club of Macerata Picena and by the Italian Golf Federation.

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