Senigallia: the Giant Project lands also on the velvet beach

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The local association Montimar, in collaboration with the town of Chester (UK) has been promoting an artistic interchange between Senigallia and United Kingdom.

In particular, this year, this interchange brings the name and the estrus of a local British artist and painter, Adam Summer. Adam is also the chief of a group who actively operates in the artistic panorama of Chester. One of his last creations is the \"Giant\", a statue of the legendary figure that has been recently erected in a garden in the town.

Giants are very common figures within British legends. Moreover, in Chester, since Tudor\'s times, giants have been the protagonists of a parade that, nowadays, still takes place among the town\'s streets. This event is better known as the \"Midsummer Watch Parade\" and every year draws large crowds of people.

Several pupils of Chester\'s primary schools have had their chance to collaborate to the Giant-projects by helping some local artists to create objects to decorate the giant: little statues, potters and also some pieces of fabric to dress the statue. Moreover, on the little pieces of cloth, pupils wrote some of their dreams, fears and expectations.

Finally, the giant, together with all its accessory and decorations, have been burnt in a very suggestive celebration.

Senigallia\'s association Montimar to seal the twinning with Chester, decided to start a similar project on the \"velvet beach\" with the help of the pupils of Chester\'s primary school and two British artists: Candida Boyes and Karin Sheldon. Thus, the two women are going to be in Senigallia from the 24th to the 30th of April to help pupils of Marzocca\'s primary school in building their own giant.

The main theme of the Italian project is going to be a sad giant who has lost his shadow.

As Senigallia is very famous for its sand and seaside, pupils are going to build their giant on the beach, with wood and canes. As for its English twin, Senigallia\'s giant is going to be dressed with pieces of fabric and then burnt on the 30th. Moreover, pupils of both Senigallia and Chester\'s primary schools are going to exchange news, pictures and thoughts via email.

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