The Epicurean Festival of Senigallia is back. Freedom and Happiness: the main topics

2' di lettura 26/06/2020 - For the second year in a row, the Epicurean Festival will be held in the Pascoli School’s Gardens from July 23rd to 25th.

“Free like Epicurus” is the main topic of this year’s edition. We’re talking about the long-awaited event dedicated to the Greek philosopher of friendship and pleasure. At the show, many hosts will have the opportunity to speak their mind during a period of three intense days.

The event may be the right occasion for personal enrichment, providing us with new insights and bringing us closer to philosophy, that Epicurus in person considered not only as a discipline but also as an attitude for the achievement of happiness. Writers, teachers, researchers, music-writers, musicians, actors and YouTubers, they all are ready to share with us their knowledge and passion towards a person significantly rich in advice, values and lessons concerning the seek for happiness. This philosopher offers us the key that opens all doors to a better life and a state of peace of the spirit, according to simplicity.

An opportunity to get aware of the contemporary nature of Epicurus’ statements will be provided by the two winners of the NetoIP Award for the best thesis on Epicurus, Tiziana di Fabio and Vincenzo Damiani, who will present the themes of theirs winning theses. It will be an intense time of fun, thought, knowledge sharing and culture, and also of discussion: in fact, at the show, which is devoted to Epicureanism, the testimony of the opposite doctrine of Stoicism will also be introduced to the audience. From this year, each year, the festival will host a different philosopher or philosophical thought in order to open our minds even more.

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