The art gallery of Senigallia goes to Pau’s castle in France

2' di lettura 25/06/2020 - The art gallery of Senigallia is going to be represented by the precious portrait of Pope Clemente VIII at Pau’s castle in France.

Here, in July, the important exhibition “Reconciliations. Rome, Henry IV and France (1589-1610)” will take place for an exhibit project presented by Musée national et domaine du château de Pau.

According to the permissions of the government and of the Papal commission for Culture, the diocese has given the consent for the canvas portraying Pope Clemente VIII to be temporarily transferred from the art gallery of Senigallia to Pau’s castle in the occasion of the exhibition that will be open until October 2020 and that will be held in the regional capital of the department of the Atlantic Pyrenees.

The portrait of Pope Ippolito Aldobrandini, who was born in Fano, 24th February 1536, is one of the greatest painting that have ever been made of him. It has been exhibited even at the “Caravaggio in Rome – A real Life” art exhibition promoted in the capital of Italy by the Archivio di Stato dell’Urbe inside the enchanting complex of Sant’Ivo alla Sapienza in Corso Rinascimento as well as in the exhibition “The Popes of Memory” in Castel S.Angelo. The oiled canvas, which has been kept in the art gallery of Senigallia, is now on its way to France.

The portrait has been attributed to Giuseppe Cesari, better known as the Cavalier d’Arpino of his hometown. He was one of the most famous painters of the Baroque Rome, and clearly he was in opposition with Caravaggio. Pau’s castle - the birthplace of the future King of France Henry IV (1553-1610), who inherited the crown of Navarre - is situated in the Pyrenees. A vast collection of works and antiques is conserved today in the castle. At the moment the national museum is involved in an exhibit project dedicated to the political and artistic connections between Rome and the King, whose diplomatic presence and complex relationships with the Church (since he was a protestant monarch who converted to Catholicism in 1593 and was then reconciled to Pope Clemente VIII in 1595) are marked by relevant artistic productions, while in Europe everyone dreamed of a long-lasting peace.

The art gallery of Senigallia is situated in the Duomo’s square. It is open every Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 12 p.m., free entrance. Info:

Art gallery, summer hours (June, July, August) Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday: from 9 to 12 p.m. free entrance.

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