Open-air cinema, here the pre-opening program of Arena Gabbiano starting from Thursday

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This is why, starting from June 23rd (the first movie will be a surprise and it is offered by the Gabbiano cinema) to July 3rd there will be 6 high-quality movies, all winners of awards and for every taste. As for conventional summer openings, the starting night of Tuesday June 23rd will be totally free and with a surprise movie, here’s the program (all the projections are at 9.30 pm):

Tuesday June 23rd – free surprise movie
Wednesday June 24th – I miserabili
Thursday June 25th – Dopo il matrimonio
Friday June 26th – I miserabili
Saturday June 27th – Trolls world tour
Sunday June 28th – Favolacce
Monday June 29th – Tornare
Tuesday June 30th – I miserabili
Wednesday July 1st – Matthias e Maxime
Thursday July 2nd – Matthias e Maxime

This was a preview of the program, the daily program with the list of the movies available till September 2nd will be soon published. Among the titles, there will be movies you have already seen, others you haven’t yet and others you would love to see again.

As usual, there will be some hosts, previews, new released, etc.

This is a short anticipation:

- LA DOLCE VITA – Thursday July 16th the producer Gianfranco Angelucci will present the film to the audience of the arena.
- AMARCORD – Saturday July 18th a concert will be staged before the screening of the film (thanks to the introduction made by Angelucci).
- IL VENTO FA IL SUO GIRO – with the film director Giorgio Diritti in the movie theatre.
- ONWARD – the latest cartoon of Disney production will be projected from July 22nd and more…

According to the decree measures, we remind you that the access to the rooms is permitted only if you’re wearing a mask (that can be taken off once you’re seated in the arena). The arena can accommodate 200 people “non-relatives”, with the presence of “relatives” there will be extra seats for the audience.

We finally remind you that is recommended to by the ticket online, for each night on
As usual, with the “special cards” that will be handed in hotels, beach resorts and activities, info points of the municipality, it will be possible to watch films at the price of 4 euros instead of the full-cost ticket of 5.50 euros sold at counters.
In case of bad weather the projections will be made in the interior room that is provided with air conditioned.

For further informations, please check the following website, start following the facebook page “Cinema Gabbiano Senigallia” or sign in ont the Telegram platform “cinemacecmarche”.

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