Public beach: no reservation needed in Senigallia but mind the rules

1' di lettura 18/06/2020 - With the beginning of summer, lots of people are going to public beaches to start getting some tan, but mind the new regulations to limit the spreading of Covid-19.

The mayor Mangialardi reminds us of the regulations for the access to the public beach in Senigallia. “The access requires no reservation – the mayor explains – but, following the latest normative interventions made by the government and Regione Marche, it is necessary to respect some limitations that I’m going to recall.

Situations of crowding are forbidden. The maintenance of 1m social distancing is compulsory in every situation: on the sand, while bathing, on cliffs and in the proximity of showers and toilettes. Any kind of group activity is forbidden, while the parasols must be positioned with a distance of 5m minimum from one another. Each of them must be used by a family or by four people of different family groups. Moreover, sun loungers, deckchairs and beach towels must be positioned with a security distance of 2m minimum.

People who cannot access the public beach are: those who are supposed to be in quarantine, those who have flu symptoms or have a body temperature higher than 37,5°C, and those who come from areas of epidemic hotbeds that have been signalled by the Ministry of Health. In addition, in order to ensure the highest conditions of hygiene and security, this year the gazebos for the storage of the beach equipment have not been installed, these must be removed from the beach after the sunset. Finally, it is forbidden to stay on the beach during the closing hours of beach services”.

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